Origins Tracing Journey
Ethics goes hand-in-hand with the beauty of every BrilliantC diamond, to ensure the preservation of its value in the present and future. With the purchase or ownership of a BrilliantC Diamond, you will have a physical BrilliantC Diamond Time-Lapse traceability report. Scan the QR code on the report and it will show you to the entire journey of your unique diamond, with each of its detailed processes documented.
Diamonds have been discovered in the Earth's oldest rocks, dating 4.3 billion years ago. Natural diamonds typically form in the Earth's mantle under extreme heat and pressure, only below the oldest continents that have been stable for billions of years. Diamonds that are mined on the Earth's surface now, are brought to the surface by rare volcanic eruptions a long time ago known as kimberlites. We have partnered with a global diamond cutter to wholly source rough from conflict-free mines, strictly compliant with the United Nations' resolutions.
Rough Classification
Rough diamonds arrive in the diamond cutter's office, in big lots of thousands of carats from selected miners, with their Kimberley Process certificates. Every rough diamond is individually checked by a Rough Assortment Expert, for quality and he sorts it to similar groups of colour, clarity, carat weight. He assigns each rough diamond with an Unique Identification, and realtime information with the rough diamond video is encrypted on a centralized system.
Planning of a Diamond
The diamond cut is the only quality measure that depends solely on the human hand, to craft how well a diamond's facets interact with light. The cutting process starts with the Diamond Planning Expert, who uses various technologies, to carefully examine the rough from all calculated angles. He assesses the positions and size of diamond inclusions, and considers how to architect the polished diamond's outcome. Diamond Planning Experts require years and decades of experience, to help their machines to identify, and then plot the diamond rough to plan the best possible polished diamond with BrilliantC's proportions.
Laser Cutting
A diamond, being the hardest natural substance on Earth, requires laser to cut through. The Diamond Planner's plans on a computer guide the Laser Cut Experts to plan markings on the diamonds, in preparation for diamond shaping. The rough is mounted onto a holder, and placed into the laser cutting machine according to its markings. A precise and powerful laser beam cuts through the rough to form various pieces of diamonds according to the architect's plan. It can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to laser cut a rough diamond. Every piece of diamond cut from the main rough gets assigned a sub Unique Identification.
Polishing (Faceting)
The formed diamond is then passed to the faceting department. On a polishing metal wheel rotating at 3600 RPMs, an Artisan facets the rough diamond according to BrilliantC's stringent formula of proportions and angles. The facets are so tiny and the Artisan requires 10x to 14x magnification to view as he works. It takes real passion and determination to train up for years, in order to know the precise amount of time and pressure to apply on the diamond against the polishing wheel at specific angles. Machines can help to facet diamonds but to completely transform the rough into a BrilliantC ideal-cut polished diamond, it requires the active mind and dedication of the heart by the Artisan.
Polish QC
The BrilliantC polished diamond is passed to the QC department, where experienced Diamond Graders check around 60 parameters beyond 4Cs in a polished diamond to give it a grade. The Diamond Graders also study the diamond's transformation and function as a strict QC procedure. Any changes needed or imperfection in faceting is sent back for re-faceting. The BrilliantC diamonds' are evaluated strictly for their beauty and quality before being sent to the AGS lab for certification.
Certification by AGS
In the field of diamond grading, AGS is the leading pioneer of the most advanced and accurate cut grade measure. Only highest quality of ideal-cuts are submitted to AGS for grading, because it is the most precise highest score of Ideal Cut in the industry. AGS utilizes patented advanced ray tracing test to analyse how light actually travels within each BrilliantC diamond, after 3D assessments of individual facets of the diamond. Each BrilliantC diamond scores an an AGS Ideal 0000, which means it achieves an AGS Ideal 0 in the four criterias of Cut Grade, Light Performance, Polish and Symmetry.
Jewellery Design & Crafting

The diamond arrives in DeGem where it is expertly set into exclusively designed and finely crafted BrilliantC signature jewellery. BrilliantC is created for individuals in search for the ultimate diamond jewellery that leaves an indelible impression, and a remarkable legacy.

Your unique BrilliantC jewellery features the apex of ideal cut diamonds, cut to an exclusive scientific formula of stringent proportions and angles, to demonstrate ultimate light performance evident to the novice eye. Less than 0.1% of world's natural diamonds meet this mark of excellence.

With ownership to a BrilliantC traceability report, you become an active advocate for social responsibility and environmental sustainability.
Natural diamond mining supports:
Livelihood of 10 million people worldwide in high quality and safe jobs.
Provides access to education for over half a million children in rural communities.
Provides access to healthcare for more than 4 million people all over the world.
We are a registered member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourse – it represents our commitment to use only conflict-free diamonds from reliable sources that follow ethical practices.