A prodigious ace in the league of diamonds, with phenomenal light performance apparent to the novice eye.
BrilliantC is the first ideal cut natural diamond with traceable and transparent origins, verified with your own unique Diamond Time-Lapse traceability report.
A Global Commitment

BrilliantC is partnered with a master diamond cutter to wholly source rough from conflict-free mines, in order to commit to BrilliantC's exclusive proportions and authenticated traceability.

The processes are strictly compliant with the United Nations' Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

BrilliantC is devoted to support and enrich the lives of communities that have a hand in shaping its diamonds, in the form of family scholarships and on-the-job upskilling.

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The Ultimate Ideal Cut

Meet the apex of ideal cut diamonds. The BrilliantC diamond cut is innovated to score top-of-the-line grades in the latest scientific grading technology, while demonstrating incomparable light performance evident to the novice eye. Less than 0.1% of world's diamonds meet this mark of excellence.

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Jewellery Collections

Our design philosophy is reinventing classics in timeless contemporary style. When you have the ultimate ideal cut diamond, you delight in its liveliness.

We let BrilliantC diamond's beauty speak for itself and take the center stage, complemented only with clean and distinctive settings.