About BrilliantC
BrilliantC is created for individuals in search for the ultimate diamond jewellery that leaves an indelible impression, and a remarkable legacy.

While many diamonds in the market are cut to retain weight or even to an Excellent grade, BrilliantC™ goes a few steps further.

The BrilliantC™ Diamond is cut according to an exclusive mathematical formula of proportions and angles (patent pending), innovated by DeGem, a top regional jeweller with over 40 years of experience.

Flawless Light Performance

The goal? To deliver flawless light performance — maximising fire, brilliance and scintillation, evident to the naked eye, and quantified by advanced scientific graded technology.

When light reflection and refraction in a diamond is maximised to this level, it results in the diamond appearing much whiter than its natural colour grade.

BrilliantC's light performance is also verified with the following scientific measures:
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AGS Ideal 0000

BrilliantC™ utilizes American Gem Society Laboratories' (AGS) patented ray tracing test, to analyse how light actually travels within each BrilliantC™ diamond.

Each BrilliantC™ Diamond scores an AGS Ideal 0000 — first-class grades in the four criteria of Cut Grade, Light Performance, Polish and Symmetry — a novel measure not yet widely adopted by the jeweller industry, reserved for truly exceptional diamonds.

Less than 0.1% of world's diamonds meet this mark of excellence.